Conducting story telling sessions and reading aloud are key in libraries (VIDEO)

September 15, 2019

It motivates and encourages the students to love books and to care for the books. It nourishes the relationship of the students with the library, the written word and fosters understanding of their peers.

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Report and visit of the Triveni School (Library) in partnership with TAI Foundation - Nepal

September 08, 2019

To ensure that the libraries are run sustainably, visits and evaluations take place at regular intervals. Books should be regularly updated and weekly reading lessons should take place. We are more than happy to cooperate with TAI Foundation from Spain.

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Here is an update on our BOOKS FOR CHANGE library reporting in Nepal

Dezember 01, 2018

This week we visited three BOOKS FOR CHANGE libraries located in three different schools in Helambhu and Sindupalchok district in Nepal. We are glad to inform you that all of the three libraries have been well maintained and running effectively.

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New BOOKS FOR CHANGE Library in Trebeni Barah School in Mugling - Nepal

Dezember 01, 2018

We are super thrilled to share with you all the pictures of our New Library Mural in Trebini Barah High School, Mugling, Nepal. The world map mural is filled with animals and marine life belonging to the specific regions.

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BOOKS FOR CHANGE Advocacy Outreach: Education, Child Marriage and Polygamy

Oktober 15, 2018

Child marriage prevention program through circus and theater in collaboration with TAI Foundation, Circus Kathmandu and HCI in Kagati Village / Nepal, where the literacy rate is very low and child marriage is common between children, age 14 - 18. 

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An interview with our BOOKS FOR CHANGE librarian Karma Sherpa

August 18, 2018

A small library catering to 20 children and 7 staff members was established in the premise of Kumudini in 2016 by BOOKS FOR CHANGE. Learn more from Karma Sherpa how literacy can have a positive impact on the children.

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We are happy to present you our new library in Ghalythum, Nepal

Juli 02, 2018

We are delighted to Present you our new Library at East Point Academy in Ghalythum, Sindhupalchok district, Nepal. This library has been established in collaboration with Kids of Kathmandu. We are very grateful for their partnership.

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Mai 27, 2018

Thank you  Stefania Botturi for being so proactive and inspirational by supporting BOOKS FOR CHANGE. You are an inspiration to all of us and we are grateful for your support in helping to bring the joy of literacy to less privileged children.

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Amazing children's book - 'The Journey' - by Writer and Illustrator Francesca Sanna

April 21, 2018

There are some children books that bring hope and arouses empathy even for the adults. One such children book is "The Journey" by Francesca Sanna. One such children book is "The Journey" by Francesca Sanna.

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These astronaut bedtime stories are free of charge - and gravity

April 20, 2018

The next time you find yourself in need of a bedtime story look to the stars.The Global Space Education Foundation has a space station full of astronauts willing to read you a story, free of charge and free of gravity.

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Theater Advocacy Program with One of Our Partner Schools in Nepal

März 02, 2018

The participation of the students and the teachers in the play was very impressive. After the play, when the audience had to speak against the antagonist, the students came forward to express their strong opinions against the perils of child marriage.

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Opening of our new library in Sermathang - Nepal (Video Tour)

Februar 23, 2018

We are happy and excited to announce another BOOKS FOR CHANGE success story with the opening of our new library in Sermathang Nepal.
Thank you for all the support by making this possible.

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