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  • NEP 21-006 Library, projector and computer in Chandranagar, Nepal

    initial position

    Chandranagar is located in the Nepalese plains and borders on northern India. Compared to the urban population and other places in Nepal, this place is more conservative and backward and many people suffer from poverty. There are just seven teachers for around 500 children. Although patriarchal structures set the agenda, 306 girls attend the school. This shows that people are open and also recognize the value of education for girls. Although reluctant at first, the local community became more and more involved in the project implementation. This is consciously promoted by our local project team.

    The community is still backward in terms of social awareness. Social problems such as child marriage and religious conflicts are widespread in the community. About 40% of the community are Muslims while the remaining 60% are Hindus. Many drop out of school.

    To mitigate these problems, the school regularly organizes parent orientation sessions emphasizing the importance of education. In addition, the school offers a daily meal program to encourage parents to send their children to school. Also, an active organization called BHOR is planning programs to provide full scholarships to children from Muslim communities.

    The local government has been active in raising awareness of child marriage issues by publishing leaflets and posters. In addition, the government has organized programs to promote religious harmony.

    The school has a decent number of students, but is severely understaffed. The ratio between the number of teachers and the number of students is very low with only seven teachers teaching 486 students. The school management committee has sought additional teachers. An application for 15 teachers has been sent to the central authority, which is awaiting approval.

    The school lacks some basic infrastructure facilities, such as; B. the lack of suitable furniture in the classrooms and only four computers in the computer room that have not yet been put into operation.

    The school is surrounded by 650 households in the community. The majority of the students are from the same community while a few students are from the rural Bharampuri community area. Most parents are dependent on their own farms and employ or are employed as day labourers. The community is economically disadvantaged and belongs to the marginalized groups with social problems and conflicts. The library can play an important role by acting as a platform for imparting knowledge to the children from disadvantaged groups. The knowledge gained from the books can help them improve poor social status and encourage students to live in harmony and work for community betterment. In addition, the library also contributes to an increase in the status of the school and makes learning more attractive for the children. Especially in connection with audiovisual aids such as computers and projectors.

    Every project is supported by the following four pillars:

    • Community engagement of the local population
    • Local project management and implementation
    • Quality materials and learning environments
    • teacher support

    project number NEP 21-006
    Accompanied by BOOKS FOR CHANGE, Youth Foundation Nepal
    project location Chandranagar, Sarlahi, Nepal
    target group 486 children and young people, seven teachers
    main emphasis training
    funds required 6600 francs
    status Funded, project complete
    Goals of the project

    Creation of an oasis of exchange, learning and meeting by setting up a school library, including projector and computer. This supports and promotes the reading and writing skills of the children and young people and increases the reputation and attractiveness of the school and should lead to fewer school dropouts.

    What we do

    The aim is to create an oasis of play and encounters where the children can meet and exchange ideas. The focus is on the library as a meeting place for children, teachers and families.

    • Complete renovation of the existing room for a school library
    • Setting up the school library with books and seating
    • Setting up projector
    • Setting up computers for administrative purposes


    With improved reading and writing skills, students achieve better results in school. They broaden their horizons of knowledge and remain motivated to attend school. Children's books also have a magical effect on their young readers and are able to impress them. They strengthen the willpower, create role models and influence the social behavior of the children.


    Contact person

    Pranita Chettri

    079 899 55 80


    As an Indian, I know how important education and the right to equality are. True to the motto "Be the change you wish for in this world" and my passion for reading led to the co-founding of BOOKS FOR CHANGE . With a lot of commitment, joy and motivation, I am committed to equality and the education of girls.