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    Juni 25, 2017 2 min lesen.

    We are so thrilled to let you know that our story "PAWANKALI" got covered by Kantipur newspaper.

    It was a visit to the Central Zoo in Kathmandu that led to the outline of this children book. In this book the writer explores the conflict between humans vs nature and has tried to present the conflict of the story in a way that is insightful to the young readers of children literature. One of the function of children literature is that it should mediate and reflect complex social realities without being instructive and through this story she has attempted to point out the problematic aspects of zoo without being didactic.

    “Pawankali” tells the story of an elephant named Pawankali who is trapped in a zoo. It touches upon the notion of animal migration and curtailment. In addition, it subtly advocates the fundamental rights of the animals in the zoo through the story of the protagonist, Pawankali. The story begins with ten-year-old Pawankali walking with her herd in the forest enjoying amidst endless green nature and soaking up the warmth of the sun.

    Growing up in the zoo, she longs for her family and her life in the wilderness. It is also a story about a friendship between Pawankali, Ramu the zoo keeper and his daughter Kumari, a friendship that will change their lives forever.

    Pawankali is the first children book with digital illustrations that is published in Nepal which makes this book special and monumental as well as a paves a way for the young artists to experiment with digital art.

    The book is available in English, Nepali and German language.

    P.S. Please grab PAWANKALI in Education Book House, Jamal, Kathmandu and support our work.