Enabling Girl Child Education in Rural Nepal

Did you know that National Data suggests that most girls in rural Nepal drop out of school before they reach secondary school? Furthermore, according to UNICEF Population Council study the drop-out rate of girl students were even higher in remote areas than in villages in central Nepal. The study attributed 32% of the drop-outs to economic constraints, while the rest included reasons such as family problems and parents’ unwillingness to invest in girl child education. Promising female students could witness a life-changing turnaround if they are enabled to continue with their education. At Books for Change, we are very aware of this and therefore collaborate with Sadbhav Scholarships to provide support to such students.

Most recently, we have extended scholarships to ten meritorious girl students from Necha Batase, in Solukhumbu district. The students were from three different schools in the region, namely Shree Bhumistan Adharbhut School, Shree Him Jyoti Adharbut School and Shree Adarsh Milan Adharbhut School. Many of them come from families that were affected by the earthquake and some have lost their homes in the calamity. They all come from large families and extremely modest backgrounds, and therefore have to pitch in with harsh household labour, such as fetching firewood from the neighboring forests. Girls like Karuna Rai and Ritu Rai walk for long distances on the mountainous terrain to reach their schools. Seeing their keenness to learn and the extremity of their adversity, their teachers recommended these girls for the scholarships and we are more than happy to aid their success.

Books for Change is committed to the cause of girl child education in rural Nepal, but when we receive pictures like these as acknowledgment, it only strengthens our resolve further.